Monday, August 3, 2009

Cafetalk Wish List

Hello all, We've recently received a lot of great feedback from tutors both through this blog and through private email. Many of them have been requests for new or improved functionality, so I'm creating this post specifically for such requests. Please post your suggestions through the comments box. Also please understand that we won't be able to implement all of them. Some of them will not be feasible due to technical reasons (too big a change in the current system). Others will have to be postponed simply because we don't have enough people to work on them. And don't be offended if we don't reply to your comments right away. We'll try very hard to answer each one (irrespective of whether we can do it or not) but we may take a week or more to reply. As for the requests that have already been made, I'll try to migrate all of them them to this post in due time. Thanks for your patience!


  1. Just an update.

    The first thing I'll be doing in the next week or so is to change the display logic for the "recommended tutor list"
    which I admit is in very poor shape.

    I have no idea how the tutors are selected in the current list, but it looks pretty bad since a lot of the tutors ranked towards the top are photoless or inactive.

    The order for the new recommended list will be automatically determined based on "reliability". And tutors without photo's will NOT be displayed.

  2. Hey guys and gals!

    Cheers to the new display logic for recommended tutors. I have always wondered why myself and other teachers who seem to be pretty popular almost never show up on the "front page" but rather on page six or seven of the teacher list, while other teachers who have no reviews or ratings or even a photo are often found on that first page. Mysteries of technology, I always thought. The new plan will surely be an improvement.

    Something I've asked for in the past is the possiblity for tutors to "eliminate" old students from their student list. Sometimes students drift off for whatever the reason may be, but they remain on that student list forever. Since many have the same name, it is sometimes confusing to use the student list to find current students. If the tutor had the chance to "delete" or "hide" students that no longer study with that tutor, this would make the list more useful to the tutor.

    Finally, maybe through the blogs, we can get some kind of "ask / answer" forum started, where students can ask specific questions and tutors can offer their answers. Perhaps the same for tutors: a new tutor may ask old-hats how to do this or that to get new ideas for their classes. Some kind of link at Caf├ętalk to take us to those blogs and there it is!

    Mr Spears.


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