Monday, May 17, 2010

New Cafetalk update!

Dear Tutors

Before anything we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of
you for your continued services on Cafetalk.

And thanks to the few of you who have taken the time to transfer your
profiles to the new Cafetalk.

Details here!

Here's an update:

We're releasing the system to students on Thursday this week! (5/20)

Furthermore, students will NO LONGER BE ABLE TO BUY POINTS ON

(They'll still be able to request lessons but only until their current
points last)

So now would be a good time to have your profile set up on the new
system and get yourself ready for the transition.

We've tried to make transfer as painless as possible.

Just login to the new system with your current email and password and
the rest should be fairly self explanatory.

We've also released the new Tutor Terms which will apply to all things
done under the new site

You can also check out the Tutor FAQ for more details

If you have any questions please direct them our way, and we'll post it here. Thanks again!

The Cafetalk Team
Cafetalk here

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