Friday, September 3, 2010

Chat room function released

Dear all

We have added a "Chat room" to the Online function.
Now if students are interested in any of the online tutors they can initiate a chat message with them immediately.
We hope this makes online tutors get students more easily and allow students to find suitable tutors.

1. Click the "Make Online" button in your dashboard. In addition to displaying you as online in every student's dashboard, this will create a chat room students can enter to exchange instant messages with you. Note that this chat feature is completely accessible from your browser and is different from Skype.

2. Please be in front of your PC while you are online so that you can chat with students who may wish to have a lesson right away.

3. When a potential student enters your chat room you'll hear a chime, and your status will be changed to "Chatting" (remember not to have your speakers muted). While in this status other students will not be able to enter your chat room.

4. If you want to make you online but don't want to chat, please close chatting room screen. Your status will be changed to "No chatroom",then students will not be able to enter your chat room.
Your online status is showed on the top page of as well as in student's dashboard.(

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Thank you!

cafetalk team

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