Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Automatic billing function and sending multiple messages

Dear All,
The automatic billing function we promised last month is now up and running.

You can now set "Auto Billing" to ON in your profile - this will trigger the generation of a payment request on the first day of every month. This payment request will include fees for lessons completed during and prior to the previous month. E.g., The payment request generated on July 1 will include all outstanding lessons completed on or before June 31.
However, please note that the 1000 Yen minimum payout still applies, so a payment request won't be generated if your accumulated total is below this amount.
And don't worry if for some reason you forgot to "complete" a lesson for a particular month because that will automatically be picked up and incorporated in the next billing cycle.

That being said, you also still have the option to manually create your payment requests if you want more control over when and how much you'll be paid. But hopefully this will make it just a little easier for those who'd rather have it on auto-pilot.

Right. That's it for now. As usual, if you spot any bugs or issues with the new billing system please email us or leave them in the comments section of this article and we'll get on it as soon as we can.

One more thing...

You can now send a message to multiple students as long as they are registered in your favorites. Hope that helps.

Cafetalk Team
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