Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Please check your course category

Dear All,

We are going to open a "Search Lessons" function in addition to Search Tutors this week.

In the Search Lessons page, you can easily search by Category as well as Language. For example, you can search by English > Grammar, or English > Children's ,and so on.

To make this work properly, every service you have should be associated with a category.
So please log in to your account and click "Services", then check the category for each of your services.
Also, we recommend that you will register new services you are good at.

◇Why is category important?
If you have registered your service with category "English", it shows when somebody searches with English.
On the other hand, If you have registered your service with category "English > Grammar" for example, it shows when somebody searches with English > Grammar as well as English.
As a result, it can be showed more often than just registering with Language.

◇Current Categories
We have only categories details of English because many students are aimed at studying English.
-For Children
-Job Interview Prep
-Test Prep (TOEIC, TOEFL, etc.)
-Speaking & Pronunciation
-For English Teachers
・Other Languages

If you wish to add a languages or a new category, please feel free to mail us. We will consider whether it would be possible.

Thank you!

Cafetalk Team.

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